So Carly has this new blog on and it's like a mad-lib thing that I did. it is.

Dear Anna,

Hey, it's me Carly. So I've got a silly problem. See, Spencer burnt the lava and now we don't have anywhere to ship on Thanksgiving? Would it be possible to come to your planet? We will bring the duck and the trapezoid. The only problem is that I am babysitting my neighbor's zebra.

I know you really like Freddie but he can't come because he has to go to school. Also Sam's mom got arrested last night for sliding in public, so she can't come either. But Valerie can make it and will be there inCREDDIEbly early. Please be careful what you serve because she has an allergy to spaghetti tacos. Okay, so we'll see you on Thursday!

PS: Please don't invite Sam. She is really jank sometimes.

Wait, what? But you said Sam can't come! I know I was suppossed to do a person in the room but the room was empty so I just picked a random iCarly character. And why is Valerie allergic to spaghetti tacos? Um...what? And how does Spencer burn lava? And why is Freddie going to school on Thanksgiving? *sigh*

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