So hey. Umm, I guess basically I want to say, I love all you guys, and I'm glad to be back. I know some of you guys missed ol' Pudgemaster Cakes as much as she missed you, so yeah, it's good to be back. Just know that, well, real life is gonna get in the way sometimes, but I'm a lot more mature than I used to be, and, well...this time I'm ready to handle whatever this wiki throws at me. No more unhealthy emotional attachments or late night chat sessions. This time, it's going to be fun and happy, not...what it was before. I mean, I'm grateful for what previous experiences have taught me, and I wouldn't change any of it, because it made me who I am today, but...well, it's just nice to start anew, y'know? Meet some new people, make new friends, get involved in some new stuff, but be cool about it. So yeah, again, great to be back, and for those of you who don't me, PUDGEMASTER CAKES IN DA HOUSE. Although you should probably call me any number of other nicknames people have come up with for me...if I were in the Nicknames part of the User Relationship Wiki, you could look there...*clears throat*

Well, anyways, sorry for making you read a large, boring block of writing, but know that, while I won't ALWAYS be around, I'll still be around.

Also, the title is a reference to the song 'It's Been Awhile' by - you guessed it - Staind, and to Teen Girl Squad. If you don't know what that second one Trust me, it's VERY worth your time. I guarantee it. ^_^

P.S. Look, I know I haven't been here awhile, but now I'm here, so could somebody get on that nickname thing? If I have to write it, I will, but it'd be nice to know someone cared enough...LOL GUILT TRIPPIN' FTW.

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