Okay, so I know a LOT of people are really excited for this episode - and why wouldn't you be? The epic promise of Seddie romance is almost too much to bear! Unless, of course, you ship Creddie, in which case, I totally respect your decision, but I have to say, I'm a Seddie shipper myself. Back to the matter at hand, frankly, I'm not really all that excited about it - especially now that I've seen all the promos.

I mean, they basically take all the good parts from an episode and shove 'em all together to entice you to WATCH UNTIL YOUR EYEBALLS BLEED!!! But once you've seen all the good parts, what is left? I've been disappointed many times in this fashion. I see all the good parts before the episode even premiers, and then I'm stuck going, 'I've seen this before, I've seen this before, that wasn't very funny, I've seen this before......' and before I know it, the episodes over and I'm going, '.........what just happened?' I think that's part of the reason I hated......what was the name of it again? that one episode, where Spencer teaches art to inmates and they escape in a giant pair of pants? much. Although the episode itself was TERRIBLE.

Anyway, yes, I'm excited for all the Seddie to come, but I'm afraid that I've already seen everything worth seeing and I'll be disappointed when the day finally comes. On another note, every episode is another step closer to the end of the series. So, yeah. I'm kind of depressed. Actually, I am a little happy, because I just read one of MightySeddieWarrior's blog posts, the most recent one about the implications of, 'And you promise we'll go back to hating each other as soon as it's over?' It's kind of cool what she took that to mean.

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