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Episode speculation

ok so people want to know what's going to happen in iCan't take it(and if you want you can speculate iLove you), so over here you can speculate what's going to happen here's my speculation :

iCan't take it: Without Carly around they try to work things out on their own then fail and beg Carly to help but she refuses. Meanwhile Gibby is taking photos of Sam and Freddie going out on their date and showing it to Mrs Benson so both of them tell Carly that they know and since Carly was so annoyed the last time with them that she joins in and Gibby is planing to sabotage their relationship with Mrs Benson and Carly but Carly is worrying about them because their her best friends so they sabotage their relationship without Carly and they succeed and Carly gets mad at them then.......(continuse to iLove you)

PS: i have no time to speculate iLove you


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