• Nakato


    September 9, 2011 by Nakato

    So this is for the award and shit because I need points lol. HAI

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  • Nakato

    Fanfic/Speculation Thing.

    September 5, 2011 by Nakato

    Okay, so I had a dream about this, and it was so epic I had to tweak it a bit and share it. It's kinda sad though. :/

    Spencer was the one that started the fire. "I need to make cookies for my girlfriend," he had said excitedly. "Girls love cookies!" I smirked. "Do they have ham in them?" Spencer shook his head and dashed for the bathroom. "Can't talk right now. Need to shave." I rolled my eyes. "Sam, we need to go do some iCarly stuff. That scuba diving scene really made a mess of upstairs," she said turning to me. "Fine," I mumbled, heading for the stairs.

    "I need to call Freddie too, he needs to start editing the next webshow," she also said, smiling. I froze inwardly, Carly really knew how to push my buttons. Freddie and I had been datin…

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