Hey It's NeneG and as we have know for a long time is that iPWV is coming next weekend, but Disney (Which I don't hate trust me) is airing another crossover with Shake It Up! and Good Luck Charlie a week before IPWV! iPWV has been in the Nick's plans for a very long time since Dan has been tweeting about it for ever, so I think when Disney found out about this they just came up with Good Luck Charlie and Shake It Up! (There newest TV Shows) to have a crossover together to get more views than Nick. Well if that really happened, Disney hasn't done a good job trying to be better than Nick and get more views because commericals for iPWV have been on since I think March or April. Commericals for CSIU! have been on since late May!!!!!! Plus it even comes on before iPWV!

So what do you guys think? COMMENT!


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