Speaker_Pulse.gifThe following is an important Chizz Weekly announcement.

First and foremost, we hope you guys had a very happy holidays and a prosperous new year to come. Now comes the important stuff. We had this idea that we would let you guys submit content.

It can be fan art, fan fiction, your opinion about something, or even just a guest article. It will be featured in the next 1-3 issues of Chizz Weekly and you change choose to be an anon or yourself. It must be iCarly-related or related to this wiki (i.e. ). You can post it here.

We're also looking for editorials where you guys can give your opinion on stuff, NeneG will every week make a blog about an opinion then you can comment on that blog and it will be featured in the Chizz Weekly. Again you can choose to be an anon or yourself. It could be iCarly-related or related to this wiki (i.e. ). It is going to be called: Your Opinion.

If you would like to be anon, log in to a account (Sign In) with the username Anon for Chizz Weekly and password anon101. If you forgot don't worry on every Your Opinion blog and every issue of Chizz Weekly

Another thing we want to ask you guys for are suggestions. We want to make The Chizz Weekly the best it can be. For example, SunriseDaisy gave a suggestion to make TCW more newspaper-y by adding columns like advice or horoscope. If you anyone wants to elaborate on that, feel free to do so. To do add a suggestion comment below or go here.

Anyways, thanks for reading this and we look forward to your submissions and suggestions.

- Chizz Weekly Staff

Be sure to check out this week's "Your Opinion" right here!

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