To Seddiers: If you dont want to waste your time, dont go here. But if you want to, its up to you.

About the title, I used that to attract Creddiers. Sorry guys. Back to what I really want to say, umm...okay..., can every Creddier sign in the comments to know how many or who the Creddiers are in this wiki. Comment your name and I'll add it here. Sorry for wasting your time. Thank you for coming here.

BTW: It's BlueString19's idea :D

GOAL: 50-100!!!

Total Creddiers so far: 30!!!!

List of Creddiers:

  1. NeneG
  2. Creddie 4 Real
  3. Creddieluv4eva
  4. CreddieCupcake
  5. xxcreddier4presidentxxL
  6. Lotstar
  7. MirandaCosgroveFan13
  8. Mazznick
  9. Creddie33
  10. CreddieCrusader5
  11. WildJackel
  12. MusicManiac12323
  13. Sockstar1
  14. TotalDramaRox97
  15. Ghana
  16. Puzzola
  17. PikminPlay
  18. MirandaJathanFan93
  19. Cameddie
  20. BadeCreddieImogeli
  21. Seddiecreddiegocreddie!
  22. CreddieWILLRevive
  23. iCreddieFan101
  24. CreddieNiranda
  25. Creddie4ever
  26. Carlos99
  27. Iheartcreddie2
  28. Rainpath
  29. CreddieMakesMeSmile
  30. mrdillfenster2

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