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New Game - Tell Me The Facts (ALL ABOUT YOU)

Ok, so heres how it works xD


Kellylovesbugs78: Ok, so somebody can ask me something about school.

JJBuddy Replys: Ok how many people have you dated?

Kelly Replys: 82!

Milly98090: OMG KELLY!

Kelly Replys: SSHHH!


Milly98090: Ok, so somebody ask me about my family?

Holy Chesse (RIP OFF OF HOLY CHIZ xD) Replys : Hoe many bros and sis do u have?

Milly Replys: 14.

Holy Replys: OMG, OMG!

Have Fun!

NeneG Leave Me A Message! (Happy Halloween) 01:40, November 17, 2011 (UTC)

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