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NeneAndNate September 26, 2011 User blog:NeneAndNate

Hey Guys! The Spots people can pick from for October 2nd to November 12th are:

  1. Advice Collum- You have an undercover account and people sent you messages on your talk page.
  2. Blog of the Week-You find a blog that you really like for that week.
  3. Episode Review- What you think of the latest iCarly Episode. -Taken By SunriseDaisy
  4. A person to do a news story for front page.-Taken by NeneG
  5. A person to do a news story for front page.
  6. A person to do a news story for front page.
  7. A person to do a news story for front page.
  8. User of the week-Pick a user you like as User of the Week. Everytime you do it it has to be a different person. -Taken By Maryan
  9. Poll of the week-Pick a poll you want to do! -Jon
  10. Picture or the week-Find an picture that was uploaded like week that you really like!
  11. Song Review-Pick a song that is related to iCarly!
  12. Quote of the week-Pick an awesome quote!
  13. Pairing of the week-Pick an awesome pairing!
  14. Wiki Update-Any updates from the wiki headquaters! (Please talk to NeneG for more info who wants this job.)
  15. Stars Update-Give an update about how the stars life (of icarly) is doing!

Please pick which one you want in the comments! Pick one before you run out of time :)


If you want to be the serect advice collum person go to a wiki (one no one else knows about like a unused one) and leave a message on my talk page and you'll get the spot xD NeneG Leave me a message! 00:23, September 27, 2011 (UTC)

Also MSW left so ILove replaced her. NeneG Leave me a message! 00:54, September 27, 2011 (UTC)

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