• Neonpink

    There are some big parallels between the seddie & creddie "break-ups" that I thought we're really interesting...but also some big differences.

    1. Break up "I love you"

    Creddie Break-Up: 'When Carly and Freddie break up, Carly attempts to tell Freddie, "I love you." He cuts her off and won't let her finish. This is the dialogue:

    Carly: But I lov-

    Freddie: You love what I did. You love that I risked my life to save yours, but I don't think you're IN LOVE with me. You just think you are.

    Carly: Like that time Sam dated Noseby Moseby because he got her all that...

    Both: Bacon.

    Freddie: Exactly.

    Seddie Break up: Compare that to Sam & Freddie's exchange where, not only does Freddie let Sam say it, but he's the one to initiate it.

    Freddie: I love you.

    Sam: I…

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  • Neonpink

    I've seen some people dismissing Seddie's exchanges of "I love you" as simply friendly and I could not disagree more strongly.

    Truth be told, I would agree that it was just a "friendly thing" had the entire exchange gone down differently. Maybe if Freddie said it to Sam. Then Sam stopped, lightly punched him on the shoulder or hugged him and said something along the lines of, "You too, Fredloser", before walking away. I would agree that it was just friendly if the whole interaction had been friendly, but it was so far from that.

    Sam doesn't play it off in a friendly way. Sam's breath hitches as she says back, "I love you too" and then they kiss. I'm sorry but what "I love you, but just as a friend" sort of break-up ends with a kiss on the li…

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  • Neonpink

    I know some seddie fans were sad over the break-up or whatever it was at the end of iLove You, but I honestly was the opposite...because there's one huge thing that makes the episode so amazing.

    They admitted they love each other. Whether or not they're a couple, doesn't change what they feel for one another.

    There's no going back from that. Maybe they're not "together" in the traditional sense, but they both know they're in love with each other.

    That's a big freaking deal. Lets not forget that. ;)

    If any thing, this episode only made the potential for future (and possibly endgame) Seddie even stronger in my opinion.

    Those words are pretty heavy stuff. No turning back now from that. I mean, Dan could have left the episode at the break up conver…

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  • Neonpink

    S04, E05(First Aired: October 1, 2011)

    Carly tries to impress her new boyfriend by looking smart; the gang tries to find T-Bo a new place to live.

    What do you think? I think this it the episode that was mentioned in an article a while ago where it said Freddie was trying to get his mom to rent out a room to a friend (which is obviously T-Bo). Oh and apparently there's a movie theater set used in this episode. Maybe a double date?

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  • Neonpink

    In the new promo ( for iCan't Take It, they talk about a secret that could change iCarly forever (over exaggeration for intrigue's sake I'm sure). Then, they show a clip with Gibby telling Carly, "Tell us what you know" and then Mrs. Benson goes "Give into your anger."

    There's this little bit with Freddie standing in front of Carly and Carly looks completely shocked. Mouth hanging open and everything. (See here: Maybe that's when Freddie tells her the secret?

    So, what do you think the secret is?

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