Just a simple question.

Do you think Sam & Freddie will break up at the end of the arc?

I think, like any option, we shouldn't count it out totally. It's a possibility (though I'm leaning against it and more towards the idea of them ending up together....the last episode of the arc is called iLove You after all. I think that's pretty telling.) BUT just for conversations sake, lets discuss.

I think that even if they do break up at the end of the arc, the options of what would happen post arc would still be fairly pro-seddie.If they do break up and agree to just be friends, I think there are two ways things could go.

1. They agree to be friends, but their feelings for each other will be revisited later on in the show because it's been made clear the feelings they have for each other are rather serious.

2. Everyone goes back to being "just friends" and they end the show as they started. Admittedly, considering what's happened between Sam & Freddie thus far in the arc, it'd be difficult to pull off believably. Not to mention, it'd make all of the development in their relationship seem rather pointless. I'm not keen on this idea as I just don't think it'd make much sense. Especially because it's been stated Sam was in love with Freddie. That's not something that just goes away.

These are the only two ways I see things going if Sam and Freddie break up. (Frankly, I don't really think Creddie is an option at all any more. I'll stand by my old saying of "never put your cart before your horse", but the cards are really stacked against that relationship in my opinion. Carly is happy for Sam/Freddie, going out of her way to set them up. There was even a little line in iLMM where the fangirl calls Freddie hot and Carly says "let's not get carried away." I feel like that line was added in there by Dan to emphasize just how much Carly still does not have feelings for Freddie, even in the face of loosing him to her best friend. She doesn't have feelings for him and he clearly is now head over heels for Sam so I don't see Creddie as much of a logical option at the moment). No offense meant. Not attacking or trying to stir up arguments. Simply stating my opinion. :)


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