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  • NerdyNoName

    Okay, so obviously we all love iCarly, but what actors/actresses would YOU, like to see on iCarly? Whether they'd just make a guest appearance or maybe even become a new regular, It can even be one of you're favorite singers and/or band, who could make a speacial musical guest appearance.

    For me, I would really love to see my all time favorite band "One Direction" make an apperance :D

    Now I'm kinda curious about you guys, so comment telling me who you would want to see on iCarly, k :) ♥

    ‡ NerdyNoName ‡ Message meღ

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  • NerdyNoName

    Alright, so most of you voted for the final round of iCarly Wiki Survivor, and I know you're all dying to find out who won, but before I announce the winner, I shall once again announce the two finalists, they are @Samlovesham and @Holy Chiz. Now of course there is only one winner, and it is............

    (*Drum rolls*)
















    Congratulations, Holy Chiz! You are the winner! ♥

    By the power invested in me, I here by declare you are "iCarly Wiki Survivor!"*


    As you can all see here, Holy Chiz w…

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  • NerdyNoName

    iCarly Wiki Survivor

    November 13, 2011 by NerdyNoName

    Alright, so heres a cool idea I thought you guys would love to be apart of, it's called "Wiki Survivor", so this is how it works, you will be voting off users on the list, and the last one standing wins.

    Rules - Directions Whether your participating or not, it doesn't matter, ANYONE can vote. You can only vote once for the user you want off the list. The user with the most votes will be voted off. Each round will last 24 hours. The last user standing will become The iCarly Wiki Survivor!* Enjoy. :)

    (Remember, that it is just a game, and you could be the first one out.)


    Holy Chiz

    Round 1- PurpleStripedFudgeParole239

    Round 2- NeneG

    Round 3- DryYoshi

    Round 4- Latersgee

    Round 5- Ddthegirl94

    Round 6- Hjpforeverlastingx8

    Round 7- Churchpants & I…

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  • NerdyNoName

    ignore, i was soo stupid when I wrote this lmao. I'm actually laughing at the things I wrote.

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  • NerdyNoName

    Never Have I Ever

    November 8, 2011 by NerdyNoName

    So I got the idea for this game-blog from an episode of Degrassi, so I made this an APPROPRIATE version ;)

    So heres how the game works, in the comments you will write "Never have I ever__________" and instead of that line, you will write someting that you've never EVER done, and then someone else will reply to that comment with a Y if they have done it, and an X if they haven't done it, and then you can reply to someone else's "Never Have I ever" comment =)

    Heres an example:

    Person One: Never have I ever gotten detention

    Person 2: Y

    Person 3: Y

    Person 4: X

    Person 5: Y

    Person 6: X

    So I hope that example helped, and remember......

    Y= I've done it

    X= Haven't done it

    Have Fun!!!


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