Alright, so heres a cool idea I thought you guys would love to be apart of, it's called "Wiki Survivor", so this is how it works, you will be voting off users on the list, and the last one standing wins.

Rules - Directions

Whether your participating or not, it doesn't matter, ANYONE can vote. You can only vote once for the user you want off the list. The user with the most votes will be voted off. Each round will last 24 hours. The last user standing will become The iCarly Wiki Survivor!* Enjoy. :)

(Remember, that it is just a game, and you could be the first one out.)

Users still in the game :


Holy Chiz

Users Eliminated:

Round 1- PurpleStripedFudgeParole239

Round 2- NeneG

Round 3- DryYoshi

Round 4- Latersgee

Round 5- Ddthegirl94

Round 6- Hjpforeverlastingx8

Round 7- Churchpants & ILoveSeddie1234321

Round 8- Missbeth123

Round 9- Cameddie

Round 10- Alica123

Round 11- TaraBridgette

Round 12- EpicFork

Round 13- Toadetterocks

Round 14- Xxsedddiegurrlxx

Round 15- MagicalMango

Round 16- Cc71

Round 17- Sweet4421

Round 18- Amythest444

Round 19- Seddie1196

Round 20- SunriseDaisy

Round 21- Sparklyplatypus

Round 22- Booklover101

Round 23- Otherwordly Poptart


ATTENTION: As you may have noticed, today we're NOT voting by a wikia poll, instead I've decided, that for the final round of "iCarly Wiki Survivor", you will vote here. Now, you should also know that unlike previous rounds, the final round will last two days. So EVERYONE please, start voting.


Round 23 has ended, very sorry @Otherwordly Poptart, but YOU'RE OUT!!!!! :P

~Round 24 has started~

Round 24 will end on December 12, 2011

-‡ NerdyNoName ‡ One day, when the sky is falling, I'll be standing right next to you ♥ =)

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