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    August 29, 2011 by NeutralShipper

    Hey iCarly fans. I just made this account because i've noticed that when ever I read articles, people are always talking about which ship is better and what not. So, here's what i've got to say about it.

    For starters, it's pretty obvious that Sam and Freddie were going to end up together. It's something that Dan Schnieder likes to do (put augrementive characters together) and it happens on most T.V. shows. Also the offical Seddie color is purple and if you look all around on outfits, Ridgeway Highs Color's, the iCarly studio, and even the logo has red, blue, and purple. I herd that a lot of people are mad because in iSAFW Carly said that iCarly isn't about dating but now Sam and Freddie are going out. This is true, but the reason people get…

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