• Neveee110

    My Seddie Plot

    October 6, 2010 by Neveee110

    ok so you guys will think Cheezy! but ok here it goes! i would call it iSecret

    Sam: Hey Carlio!

    Carly: Hey Sammy

    Sam: Have you seen fredwiener around?

    Carly: No Why?

    Sam: He told me he had Ham I love ham hey do you have any?

    Carly: No! but i think hes around somewhere oh look there's geremy!

    Geremy: Achoo! hey *sneezes* carly and *sneezes* sam

    Carly: Hey Jeremy have you seen Freddie?

    Geremy: *sneezes* yeah *sneezes* hes by *sneezes* Groovie Smoothie *achoo*

    Carly: Thanks! come on sam

    Sam: That kid needs some desparate help

    Carly: Oh come on!

    -theme song-

    Carly: No i wouldnt want pudding for legs!

    Sam: Oh come on wouldnt it be cool!

    Carly: No you would Always fall over!

    Freddie: Hey Sam hey Carly

    Sam: Wheres my Ham! I WANT HAM!!!!

    Carly: Calm down Sam!


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