ok so you guys will think Cheezy! but ok here it goes! i would call it iSecret

Sam: Hey Carlio!

Carly: Hey Sammy

Sam: Have you seen fredwiener around?

Carly: No Why?

Sam: He told me he had Ham I love ham hey do you have any?

Carly: No! but i think hes around somewhere oh look there's geremy!

Geremy: Achoo! hey *sneezes* carly and *sneezes* sam

Carly: Hey Jeremy have you seen Freddie?

Geremy: *sneezes* yeah *sneezes* hes by *sneezes* Groovie Smoothie *achoo*

Carly: Thanks! come on sam

Sam: That kid needs some desparate help

Carly: Oh come on!

-theme song-

Carly: No i wouldnt want pudding for legs!

Sam: Oh come on wouldnt it be cool!

Carly: No you would Always fall over!

Freddie: Hey Sam hey Carly

Sam: Wheres my Ham! I WANT HAM!!!!

Carly: Calm down Sam!

Freddie: Its ok I know -hands Ham to Sam-

  • Sam sees a note inside the packet*

Carly: Ok well lets go in!

Sam: Ok but this nub better get upstairs i have an idea For iCarly!

Freddie: Fine! but its for iCarly -sees a bat- can i?

Carly: Sure -smiles widely-

Sam: Ok come on Fred-Dork

Freddie: -does wierd faces-

Sam: What is this about?

Freddie: I thought it was time :/ -holds hand-

Sam: Yes -holds hand also-

Freddie: ;)

Sam: But act Cool around everyone we dont want them to know

Freddie: I know and you wont regret it! i will text you the time and place

Sam: Ok lets get down! *almost kisses cheek but sees Carly coming up the stairs*

Freddie: aww but ok

Carly: I heard nothing it was too quiet so i had to check! are you all ok? no one Bruised?

Sam: Yes His spirits! oh and his ribs!

Freddie: Ha Ha! -sees their still holding hands-

Sam: -lets go- so Carls you busy tonight?

Carly- Yeah Sorry i have to help spencer he is making this HUGE sculpture! and his new girlfriend is coming over well lets see :D

Sam: Ok well see you later kiddo

Freddie: See ya carly!

Carly: see you later guys Bye *waves*

-both wave-

Spencer: -singing bah bah black sheep horribly-

Carly: What are you Doing?

Spencer: oh well.... im dating a ... how do i put it

Carly: Supermodel?

Spencer: Nooooooooope! :)

-doorbell rings-

Spencer: Come on in!

Gibby: Hey Spence Hey Carly

Spencer: Hey Gibby! why are you here?

Gibby: Carly and I are studying

Spencer: Ok see you later Carls!

Carly: ok see you soon Spencer :D

-doorbell rings-

-spencer runs madley to the door then straightens up-

Sasha Striker: I missed you *kisses cheek*

Spencer: me too *kisses cheek*

-runs to oven-

Spencer: Oh no the chicken Wait! Do you wanna go to groovy Smoothie?

Sasha: Sure


Carly and Gibby: Ok!

-moves onto freddie and sam-

Sam: Come on -throws away note it landed at carlys door-

Freddie: ok -walks to groovie smoothies with her-

Sam: -Kisses freddie-

Freddie: -kisses Sam-

T-Bo: Want some burritos?

Sam: No!

-Everyone is shocked-

Sam: Well? go back to eating! -mutters- freaks!

Freddie: Hey! Cheer up Sammy!

Sam: Ok

-Spencer,Sasha,Gibby and Carly walk in-

Spencer: T-Bo! Three Strawberrys!

T-Bo: Wanna buy some burritos?

Spencer: No! I want two ladies from Winsconsin Of course i do!

T-Bo: No need for sarcasm!

Carly: Hey Sam,Freddie!

Sam : -whispers- We are here for the web show shh!

Freddie: Hey Comma-Carly!

Sam: Hey kiddo!

Carly: sooo.... why are you two here?

Sam: Why are you here?

Carly: Im with them -sees spencer showing off doing the firecracker- on second thought im not with him im with the rest!

Gibby: Carly come over here

Carly: Sure whats up gib?

Gibby: A Bunny Rabbit

Carly: Aww! -runs outside and picks it up-

Sam: Come on lets get out we can go to yours 3,2,1 Go!

-They sneak out-

Bunny: Cawwots Cawwots!

Carly: Awwww How CUTE! c-u-t-e you are such a cutie eh eh! i will name you cookie :)

Bunny: Cawwots Cawwots!

-T-Bo Throws a burrito at spencer-

Spencer: I wanna see a bear -Faints-

-Bunny Licks Spencer-

Spencer: Wow! i like you bunny!

Carly: its Cookie

Spencer: I know I nicknamed it bunny

Carly its a her

Spencer: Hmph *crosses arms*

Sasha: im gonna Go... call me Spencer -kisses-

Spencer: Aww!

- A supermodel walks in-

Spencer: Hello ;)

Supermodel: :) my names Lilly!

-jumps to sam and freddie-

Sam: We lost them lets go in :D

Freddie: -opens door- i cant believe it

Sam: Yeah i know :D

-Carly and Gibby walking down the hallway-

Sam: Hurry Up!

Carly: They cant know!

Gibby: Ok

Carly: Good :D

-Carly sees note-

it Says:

Sam will you go out with me? Yes < > or No < >

Carly: OH MY GOD!!!

Gibby: What? -reads note- OH MY GOSH!!!

-Spencer walks down the hallway-

Spencer: Whats happening?

-reads note-

Spencer: Aww How cute

Carly: -Does a Be Serious look-

-Goes into Sam and Freddies Bedroom-

Sam: You are the dorky tech guy i met when iCarly Started!

Freddie: You are the fiesty demon i met when iCarly stared!

-hears a knock-

Freddie: Who is it?

Carly: Me Carly!

-Sam ducks under bed-

Freddie: Come on in!

Carly: How Could you! We said after-

Freddie: I get the cast's off but we havent!

Carly: Well I wanna get back together! you said you like.Me More THAN MOST SOUPS!

Freddie: I was TALKING about SAM!

-Carly is shocked and upset-

Freddie: Im Sorry but I'm with Sam now i am gonna stick with her... sorry!

Carly: Its ok I wanna be just friends like we used to forget we ever went out to make it stop feeling so awkward!

Carly: But if you Ever EVER change your mind im still here

Freddie: Sure thing

Freddie: Ok Carlio

-Carly Smiles-

-Freddie hugs carly-

-Carly hugs Freddie-

Carly: See ya :/

Freddie: Bye!

-Carly leaves-

Sam: Can i come out?

Freddie: Yes -Sweeps Sam of her feet-

-Freddie kisses Sam on the nose-

-Sam kisses freddie and Freddie kisses before Sam could-

-Carly kisses gibby and bunny rabbit winks-

-Episode ends-

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