I kind of figured Sam liked Freddie because she always talked about him. I'll be honest Icarly's fun to watch but please don't see me as a "Carly craving" "Freddie fantisizing" or "Sam physico" fan. Anyway back to the kiss. Pretty long wasn't it? Im so siked to see Iparty with Victorious, will Sam and Freddie be dating? If so this might just turn out like the hit series Hannah Montana. Remember Lily and Oliver? If you think about it Sam looks and kind of acts of like Lily but Freddie just looks like Oliver a little. I stopped watching Hannah Montana years ago because I guess I matured from that stage of entertainment. Again back to the kiss. I really don't know much about the kiss but it's fun for people to read my pages and just enjoy my conversations. I wish I were a little bit older so I could probably be like one of the highschoolers on the Icarly set. Lots of people have told me I'm a good actress. Any way for the third time already BACK TO THE KISS!!! I'm being majorly off topic today.You know what forget about the kiss all the happened was a little mwa mwa tongue tongue for about ten seconds and then the show was over. I hoped you liked my blog page thing! And I hope (and doubt) the Icarly cast will read some of my pages and discover my true potential. SeE YeR!

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