Might put these on hold unil after iStart a Fanwar I'll keep going with the written fanfiction though, since I like the direction it's taking.

I think if someone is up to it they should definitely make one of these three songs for an iCarly music video.

1. One Thing- Finger Eleven.

This would be perfect for a Seddie/Creddie video to show the changing conflict within Freddie and show how he is still uncertain for who he really wants to be with. Roxas82 also made a great suggestion of it being Sams inner conflict between the Cam Friendship/Relationship

2. Heaven's Light/Hellfire- Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Carly has to be involved in someway, as a paralell to Esmerelda. This could possibly a Creddie/Cam Relationship video depending on how it's done but I think if done right it could be a really good video.

3. Go The Distance (Single/Soundtrack Version)-Michael Bolton.

This is purely up to interpretation for your favorite couple but could also be done really well. Most likely going to make this one Seddie.

Just a few recommendations for the more creative/talented ones out there on the wiki.

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