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  • Nirenberge213

    Seddiers-Have Hope

    September 28, 2011 by Nirenberge213

    Okay, umm...hello! (Awkward silence) Sigh...So, I'm not really known around the iCarly Wiki. I'm mostly on the Victorious Wiki, and if you aren't there, you should go there, because it's just as awesome as this wiki! :] But, I would like to properly introduce myself, if I may. ;] I'm Nirenberge213. (That's NEER-in-burg, then an "E", then a "213".) My real name is Emily, so you can call me either if you like. I am a Seddie shipper, and also a Cam shipper. Creddie friendship is cool, though!

    Anyways, this blog isn't about me and my desperation to not be shy around here, but it's about the break up in iLove You. As I said before, I'm a Seddie shipper, and a hard core on at that.

    When Sam and Freddie broke up, I couldn't shake this nagging feeling…

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  • Nirenberge213

    I'm Sick Of This!

    September 10, 2011 by Nirenberge213

    Note- Okay, so I'm not so known around here. That's because I'm almost always on the Victorious Wiki. But this blog is my first, and it's for Seddie shippers, Creddie shippers, Spam, Fencer, whatever ship you ship, it's okay to come here!! :]

    Okay, recently quite a few ship wars have gone out and about and some people are leaving this wiki. What is confusing me is that this is just a wiki, and people are leaving it because of a TV show? This place is for all of us iCarly fans to bond and have fun together, and even though some people are ship warring and spamming up the pages, that doesn't mean you have to leave the place!

    So, from what I've read, the Seddiers are being mean and the Creddiers are being hypocrites. Does anyone realize anymore tha…

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