Note- Okay, so I'm not so known around here. That's because I'm almost always on the Victorious Wiki. But this blog is my first, and it's for Seddie shippers, Creddie shippers, Spam, Fencer, whatever ship you ship, it's okay to come here!! :]

Okay, recently quite a few ship wars have gone out and about and some people are leaving this wiki. What is confusing me is that this is just a wiki, and people are leaving it because of a TV show? This place is for all of us iCarly fans to bond and have fun together, and even though some people are ship warring and spamming up the pages, that doesn't mean you have to leave the place!

So, from what I've read, the Seddiers are being mean and the Creddiers are being hypocrites. Does anyone realize anymore that you are entitled to your own opinion? That doesn't make you mean or a hypocrite. Sure, lots has gone over the top, but we can stop that by being civil with each other. It may be hard at times, but it's starting to irritate me...a lot.

First, the shippers should stop going to the opposing ship's page and leaving comments that can offend people. We can't go to the Creddie page and say, "Creddie sucks!!" or vice versa. I know people can get offended very easily, and it doesn't make them feel any better by saying that the shippers are suckish and stupid, and the same by bashing the ship itself.

Also, we can stop leaving the wiki because of spammers. If there are spammers, we don't have to just sit there and watch them spam, we can inform an admin on their talk page, instead of warning the spammers by saying, "I'm going to tell an admin about you!!" You want to know what leaving fixes? Nothing at all. It just gives the spammers satisfaction.

If you think this blog is nonsense, it's fine, because most of this occurred awhile ago. But as I said before, I'm not here often. Sooo, thanks for reading it, though!! Leave comments on whether you agree or not. And please, stop with all the drama. This is a wiki about a TV show for goodness sake!!! ;]

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