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    I'm Nouf! Congratulations you have found............................. iNouf's Blog! This is my second blog, anyway my name, Nouf, is an easy name to pronounce so first of all let me teach you how!!

    N: Pronounced normally

    OU: Pronounce like OA in Road "rOAd"

    F: Pronounced normally

    Yeah I bet I'm the first person to ever teach you how to pronounce: Nouf!

    Anyway, now that we have that covered let's (YES LET US) get serious. Or not.

    So my blog will basically be about different things everyday, but the same or new segments! I would love for you to read it each Saturday! You can read my first blog 'Verbal Bullying!" in....... the place where you find blogs? Sorry I'm just new to this wiki and all :P

    Our first topic today will be about...... Weirdology …

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  • NoNo Rox

    Verbal Bullying!

    November 1, 2010 by NoNo Rox

    Hello people of Venus and Mars! Oh, and also Earth! I always forget to captilize the word Earth for some reason, it's probably because I've lived in it........ since I can remember? Anywho, hehehehe anywho sounds 'British' I don't know why hehe. Anyway, before I get off subject again, I have been having a little bit too much trouble with some girls in my school.

    Firsty of all, heh firsty, I'm 13 years old and I just started 8th grade (I'll be 14 in January 6! Pray that I get a Kindle!) and some girls have been verbally bullying me (verbally what a long and tiresome word, tiresome what an exhausting word, exhau- Woah!) I have been ignoring them for the past month, and they still won't stop!

    I always answer them with smart but polite comebacks…

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