Hello people of Venus and Mars! Oh, and also Earth! I always forget to captilize the word Earth for some reason, it's probably because I've lived in it........ since I can remember? Anywho, hehehehe anywho sounds 'British' I don't know why hehe. Anyway, before I get off subject again, I have been having a little bit too much trouble with some girls in my school.

Firsty of all, heh firsty, I'm 13 years old and I just started 8th grade (I'll be 14 in January 6! Pray that I get a Kindle!) and some girls have been verbally bullying me (verbally what a long and tiresome word, tiresome what an exhausting word, exhau- Woah!) I have been ignoring them for the past month, and they still won't stop!

I always answer them with smart but polite comebacks, my friend is still astounded by how smart yet how goofy I can be, and they always reply with... icky words, I mean how can they say such rotten words? Doesn't it sting their tongues or something? I know I'm childish!

I know the best solution would be to tell a teacher but I don't want to, it would make me feel like a snitch when doing so. Please write the best solution you can think of below or whatever you're suppossed to do! (I'm New!)

Oh! I have another problem, my sister tells me that I'm a lot like Jerry Trainer, when I ask her if that's an insult or complement, she replies: both. I still don't get it! She says only I and Jerry Trainer can make a subject like Verbal Bullying sound so silly.

I told her I wrote it like how I thought and would've said it. She tells me that's the problem.

Help me with all my pity and serious problemos below!!!!

P.S. Is 'problemo' spainsh?

NoNo Rox 15:13, November 1, 2010 (UTC)

Noufy! Lovey! Seddie!

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