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  • NoodleBooty

    Seddie Drabble Game

    June 21, 2011 by NoodleBooty

    First off, I just want to apoligize if anybody has done this type of thing before! I just think it would be a nice idea to keep us all entertained for a little while :) Please contribute, I would love to read what you all come up with!


    Alright, so here are the rules-

    I will give you a starting word/prompt. You must then come up with a short seddie *drabble* that is based on that word. It can be sweet, angsty, friendly, romantic, happy, sad, whatever you like! xD

    After you have written your drabble, you need to give us all *another* word/prompt to work with so the game can continue..

    I hope that makes sense to everyone! If not, then this blog is a bit of a waste of time! xD

    Okay, first word- Summer

    Enjoy ! :D

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  • NoodleBooty

    Ok, so a lot of people have started with their speculations for the post-iOMG episode "iLost My Mind". First off, I just want to say that I believe that the promo ( is NOT just clips from one episode, but a collection of clips from the upcoming 5 episode arc. I'm sorry if this turns out to be horribly shocking, but I'm not the best at explaining things! I will try my best!

    Ok, so all we know about this episode so far is that Sam checks herself into a mental health clinic. I think this may be because she believes that she has lost her mind for kissing Freddie as spontaneously as she did, and starts to panic. Carly, Freddie and Gibby may follow her to the clinic in an attempt to reason with her. I th…

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  • NoodleBooty

    Shipping Issues

    May 8, 2011 by NoodleBooty

    Note- This is in no way directed at any ship, not at all. Just a rant by a girl who believes that we should all try and get along no matter what ship happens. I read @SomeSortaSeddieFreak's blog and decided to give my opinion on the whole shipwarring situation. No idea if any of this makes sense, but hey! So, here we go. :)

    Ok, so I am aware that most of the post-iOMG shipwarring on this wiki have died out recently, but I still feel the need to get this off my chest...

    Although I admit that sometimes I can get very caught up in the whole relationship aspect of the show, I have noticed that many people might be taking the shipping part of iCarly to heart a little too much. I don't know about everyone else, but the one reason I started watchin…

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  • NoodleBooty

    First, I feel entitled to warn you that this blog is very Seddie/Sam centered :) I understand that others may disagree with what I'm about to say, but please don't be mean or argue in the comments. I love to debate and discuss, but I will not retailiate to nasty comments. We all need to remember that at the end of the day we are all here because we love iCarly and it's wacky humor!

    Ok, so I refuse to believe that Dan would make Freddie break Sam's heart, and I have reasons for thinking this. Throughout the show, we have been shown that Sam is not one to share her emotions openly with others. None of her relationships have really worked out to her advantage (Jonah was a jerk, Pete didn't notice her until she changed her image, Carly was als…

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  • NoodleBooty

    Ok, so I don't know whether there is already a blog for this, but what is your all time favourite iCarly fanfic? Any shipping, any genre, any length :) Mine is probably "iAm Not Surprised" by ButterflyRae

    Please comment and share your favourite story here xD

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