Note- This is in no way directed at any ship, not at all. Just a rant by a girl who believes that we should all try and get along no matter what ship happens. I read @SomeSortaSeddieFreak's blog and decided to give my opinion on the whole shipwarring situation. No idea if any of this makes sense, but hey! So, here we go. :)

Ok, so I am aware that most of the post-iOMG shipwarring on this wiki have died out recently, but I still feel the need to get this off my chest...

Although I admit that sometimes I can get very caught up in the whole relationship aspect of the show, I have noticed that many people might be taking the shipping part of iCarly to heart a little too much. I don't know about everyone else, but the one reason I started watching iCarly in the first place was because it made me laugh. Heck, I don't even think I knew what shipping was back then!

I just think people need to calm down and remember the reason they started watching the show in the first place. These characters are fictional, there is no need to get so upset over them. Their lives have been drafted on a piece of paper and performed in front of a camera by a group of actors. Trust me, I know that it's fun to imagine two of your favourite characters falling in love or sharing a kiss, but I also know that I shouldn't take it too seriously. I mean, come on, is anything about iCarly truly serious?! :P

Now, onto shipwarring. I've never been able to understand how someone can purposely try to hurt the feelings of someone they don't even know over people that aren't actually real. The whole concept of ship-warring just seems so silly and childish to me. Everyone has their own opinions. Just because someone doesn't believe what you do, doesn't mean you can troll their pages and write nasty comments. Once again, taking something so fun and light-hearted, then making it way more serious than it needs to be.

I'm not trying to hurt feelings, or point fingers, I just believe that people need to remember that we all joined this wikia for the same reason- because we love iCarly. So can't we just put our differences in opinions aside and focus on the comedic aspects of the show? Of course I'm not saying you shouldn't ship, not at all, just try not to take it too seriously and attempt to calm down? There is life after iCarly, remember! So, no matter what ship prevails in the end (if any, we never know what Dan has up his sleeve for us!), try not to get too upset and just try and keep a brave face.

After all, there is always fanfiction...

Peace out. xD

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