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  • I am going insane
  • NosebyMoseby

    But I'm coming back in an hour.

    I'm pretty much a stranger here anyway, so you won't miss me.........


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  • NosebyMoseby

    Not being much of a fanfic writer myself, I took advantage of a nice little website to do the dirty work:

    Randumbness - Random Story Generator

    Well, Sam's a little, vicious, but it generated a nice, funny (but tragic) story. Enjoy!

    Damn Those Beavecoons

    by Noseby Moseby

    It all started when our over-heralded star, Freddie, woke up in a imaginary desert. It was the fourth time it had happened. Feeling exceedingly stunned, Freddie deflowered a pencil, thinking it would make him feel better (but as usual, it did not). Just as zero people expected he realized that his beloved ham sandwich was missing! Immediately he called his so-called friend, Sam. Freddie had known Sam for (plus or minus) 550,000 years, the majority of which were exotic…

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