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Lol..... Wats Up

Hiya im Nya... I have sumthing to show u.. Here r sum things bout mehself so u cn gt to kno meh better:

  • Im cute, smart, and nt an nerd
  • Im amazingly great to hang with
  • Luv Puppiezz
  • Correct Ppl of how they say stuff
  • Play alot
  • 'Dnt muchly say IM SOOOOO SRRY, WILL U 4GIVE MEH??
  • I muchly say im srry dude
  • Be TOUGH
  • Amazingly great runner, dancer, ballet, soccer, volleyball, football, softball, wrestling, singin', and alsoo cookin'
  • Im an player wen i need to b an player n im nt an shy one ither
  • And i gt wat i want

== Those r sum things bout meh x]==

Paint Splashes

i painted

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