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  • ObsessiveSeddieDisorder

    Hey guys! OSD here! Now, I know that the last episode of iCarly won't be for a long time, but I just had this idea pop into my head for the ending of the last episode of iCarly. (Warning: Contains Seddie fluff) So, this is my idea fan fiction thingy. Hope you like it. :)

    *Carly's living room/ apartment thingy. Sam, Freddie, and Carly are all about to leave for college so they have suitcases and other stuff with them*

    Carly: I'm gonna go grab my camera so that we can take a picture of us before we all leave. *Walks up stairs*

    Sam: So....

    Freddie: So...

    Sam: I can't believe we're all going to college.

    Freddie: Yeah. It seems like just yesterday we started iCarly.

    Sam: Yeah. I'm gonna miss the Groovy Smoothie and Pini's.

    Freddie: So pretty much you'r…

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  • ObsessiveSeddieDisorder

    Testing my signature:

    ObsessiveSeddieDisorder (It's OSD, talk to me! XD)

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  • ObsessiveSeddieDisorder

    This is my autobiagraphy!!!! :D :D :D :D

    Name- OSD (Sorry, not sure if I can give away my first name)

    Age- Somewhere between 13 and 17. :)

    Birthday- CHRISTMAS DAY!!! December 25th. :)

    Eye Color- Blue! :)

    Hair Color- Brown. (I used to have Dirty Blonde hair.)

    State- (Not sure if I can say my state) Somewhere along the east coast in U.S.A.

    Grade- Between 7th and 10th.

    Favorite Colors- PURLE, blue, PURPLE, red, PURPLE, and did I mention PURPLE?

    Favorite Food- PIZZA and Spaghetti.

    Sports- Um.... let's see, I was in Gymnastics, Basketball, and Cheerleading (Not gonna do that again).

    Extracuricular Activities- Chorus

    Favorite School Subject- English

    Least Favorite School Subject- Math/Social Studies

    Grades- I get Mostly As, some Bs, and like one or two Cs. :) …

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  • ObsessiveSeddieDisorder

    Hey guys, OSD here! Okay, so, see the picture down below? (No, seriously, do you see it? It's my first time uploading a picture...) Well, if you do (Hopefully I uploaded the picture right) I need you guys to make up a caption for it. I will eventually choose the top three captions. :D Okay, CAPTION TIME!!!!!!

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  • ObsessiveSeddieDisorder

    Okay, FreddieSeddieI'mReady said that if I didn't continue this she would get Uncle Carmine. After running and hiding in a corner for a few hours hiding (jk) I decided that to make another one. So, here's the next scene:

    (Back at Carly's apartment)

    Gibby: I'll be back in like 10 minutes. I just have to go get something.

    Carly: Okay. (Gibby leaves) So, how many more times would you like to set the lawn mower on fire?

    Spencer: I'm not gonna set the lawn mower on fire anymore... I think. I think it just needs more gas. But would you like some grilled chicken? (Takes a sheet off of a grill)

    Carly: Um... no thanks?

    Spencer: Fine, more for me! (Puts three pieces of chicken on a plate and turns off the grill)

    Carly: Okay then.

    Spencer: Now, I'm gonna put m…

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