Ok, I'm not trying to copy anyone's blog post if they made one like this, but I'm just curious, what's your favorite iCarly dream you've had. (If you've had one.)

Mine is one I just had last night. This dream will be Seddie-related, because I am a Seddie shipper. (But I don't care what pair you ship.)

Ok, so Sam Puckett and I were walking up this street in the town I live in where this Police Office thingy is, and while on the corner of a road, I got her to admit that she liked Freddie, and then, after that, got her to admit that she loved him. Then we got chased by this dude right by the police office who's like a year or two older than me who was in my summer camp a few years ago. (lol)

So, I told you it was Seddie-related, but oh well. So, what's your favorite iCarly dream? (I'm asking for the 3rd time. lol) Once again, this was just a dream I had. And please no ship-warring on this page. I just made this blog post for fun.

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