Hey guys! After seeing the new promo for iDS&F like 50 times, (jk more like 10) I decided that I should make a new and improved fanficton! So, here it is! Hope you like it!

  • Scene starts with Spencer mowing a lawn in the apartment. All of a sudden a part of the lawn mower catches on fire.*

Spencer: *Screams* AGAIN?! *Grabs the large wet towel he had from the last lawn mower fire and puts the small area of fire out.* STUPID LAWN MOWER!!!! *Kicks the lawn mower just as Carly and Gibby walk in* Take that, lawn mower! *Catches on fire again in the same place it did last time* AHH! *Puts out fire as Carly and Gibby gasp. Spencer looks up and sees them* Hi! I made a lawn! (Okay I was just watching the promo again to see what Carly says next, and when I wrote that Spencer kicked the lawn mower, I completely forgot that that happened! I was just writing that cause it seemed funny! Then I watched the promo again like I was just saying and was like, "Woah, I didn't know he kicked the lawn mower in the promo! lol okay here's the rest of the fanfic)

Carly: See, this is why I don't like to leave the house!

Gibby: Woah, that is so cool!

Spencer: I know! Anyways, where's Sam and Freddie?

Carly: Oh, they're at the Groovy Smoothie.

Spencer: Cool!

Carly: Why did you make a lawn?!

Spencer: I'm gonna put stars and a moon on the ceiling, then a tent on the lawn to get the feeling of what it's like to go camping.

Carly: Why?

Spencer: Because I'm going camping with Socko over the weekend.

Carly: Okay then...

  • Lawn mower catches on fire again*

Spencer: WHY?!

  • End of scene one*

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