Hey! I heard you guys liked my last speculation, and after seeing the ADORABLE pic of Seddie sharing smoothies, I decided to make chapter 2 of my speculation! :D Enjoy!

  • Scene starts at the Groovy Smoothie. Sam and Freddie walk in and put their backpacks on a seat at a table. Sam sits down and Freddie walks up to the counter to order smoothies and something to eat*

Freddie: Can I get two Strawberry Splats and a basket of french fries?

T-Bo: Somebody's hungry! *Pokes Freddie*

Freddie: No, one smoothie's for Sam, and we're sharing the french fries. (I swear everytime I try to spell french fries I write frech fires and have to fix it! What's with me and spelling french fries? :|)

T-Bo: *Confused* You? And Sam? *Freddie nods* I never would've thought that was humanly possible...

Freddie: Um... okay?!

T-Bo: Here's your smoothie, Seddie Benson. (Okay, I know that would never happen, I just HAD to do that! :D)

Freddie: Thanks... *Walks over to Sam and gives her her smoothie. Sits down*

Sam: Finally!!! I'm starving!!!

Freddie: Didn't you have a fatshake on the way here?

Sam: I'm still hungry!

Freddie: *Smiles* Hey, can I ask you something?

Sam: *Smiles* Whatchu' wanna know?

Freddie: *Smiling* So, um, would you like to go on a date with me on Friday? Like, a real date. At a real resturaunt?

T-Bo *Makes offended face, thinking that they meant the Groovy Smoothie wasn't a good place for dates.* Well, I feel offended! *Sam and Freddie ignore him*

Sam: *Smiling* Sure.

Freddie: *Frowning* Thought you'd say no- wait, sure?

Sam: Yeah. Wait, will you pay?

Freddie: *Rolls his eyes* Yes.

Sam: Then yes. *Smiles*

T-Bo: *Walks over holding a giant green smoothie cup with hearts on it and two straws in it.* How would you two like to try my new Couple's Smoothie?

Freddie: *Looks at Sam* Sur-

Sam: What flavor?

T-Bo- It's a new flavor I like to call, "The Flavor of Love".

Sam: Needs a new name, but sure, why not?!

Freddie: *Rolls his eyes again*

T-Bo: *Sets down the smoothie* Try it!

  • Sam and Freddie take the straws and try the smoothie*

Freddie: Wow.

Sam: This is amazing! Get me two more of these, but in a regular smoothie cup!

Freddie: *Laughs* Typical Sam.

  • End of Scene*

Yeah, this one was kinda OOC and bad. Sorry, but I had a writers block today. :( Well, I hope you kinda liked it, and if you didn't, that's alright. I don't really like it either. I don't even know why I'm publishing it, but oh well. :P

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