Okay, FreddieSeddieI'mReady said that if I didn't continue this she would get Uncle Carmine. After running and hiding in a corner for a few hours hiding (jk) I decided that to make another one. So, here's the next scene:

(Back at Carly's apartment)

Gibby: I'll be back in like 10 minutes. I just have to go get something.

Carly: Okay. (Gibby leaves) So, how many more times would you like to set the lawn mower on fire?

Spencer: I'm not gonna set the lawn mower on fire anymore... I think. I think it just needs more gas. But would you like some grilled chicken? (Takes a sheet off of a grill)

Carly: Um... no thanks?

Spencer: Fine, more for me! (Puts three pieces of chicken on a plate and turns off the grill)

Carly: Okay then.

Spencer: Now, I'm gonna put more gas in the lawn mower! (Rolls the lawn mower off the "lawn" and out the back door thingy)

(Somebody knocks on the door)

Carly: Coming! (Answers the door to Gibby and holding a fake, stuffed puppy in a Puppy Pouch thing) Um, what is that?

Gibby: Well, I'm gonna be puppy sitting tomorrow, and I don't wanna just stay home with nothing to do, so I bought a puppy pouch and decided to test it out.

Carly: Oh. Well, I guess that's a good idea- (Giant boom is heard followed by a scream)

Spencer: (Walks... well, more like waddles in, the top of his shirt and his face blackened like when things explode in cartoons and other T.V. shows.) The lawn mower exploded.

Carly: Are you okay?!

Spencer: No.

Carly: Well what's wrong?!

Spencer: Everything I make either explodes or catches on fire, that's what's wrong!

Carly: Not everything you make explodes.

Spencer: Whatever. I'm taking a shower to get the explosion off of my face.

Carly: Okay.

Spencer: Is Gibby holding a fake dog?

Gibby: Yeah.

Spencer: Okay. (Walks away.)

End of scene! Okay, once again, I had a little bit of a writers block, but I still hope you liked it! Don't forget to comment! Oh, and thanks for all the awesome reviews on my last speculation! Oh, and for anyone who doesn't know what OOC means, it means Out of Character. It took me forever to learn what that meant. XD Okay, I'm gonna shut up now. Byee!

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