This is my fanfiction for iOMG. The closest it is to real is the words that were said in the promo. (Warning, it has LOTS of Seddie in it.

~At lock-in.~

Carly: Sam, you've been staring at Freddie and Brad all day. What's going on?!?

Sam: (Realizes she was staring.) Nothing.

Carly: (Grins) I think I know what's going on here.

Sam: (Worried.) What?!?

Carly: You like Brad.

Sam: (Relieved, but knows it's not true.) No I don't.

Carly: Admit you love Brad!

Sam: No!

Carly: I'm gonna get you to admit you like Brad!

Sam: No, you won't. (Walks away.)

~Later, outside cafeteria,~

Carly: (Finds Sam) There you are! Get over here!

Sam: (Sighs and walks over) What?

Carly: "Why are you so afraid to admit or tell Brad that you love him."

Sam: I don't love Brad.

Carly: But.... Don't you want a nice boyfriend? Then go for it. Make a move.

Sam: (Upset.) Carly, I-

Carly: (Notices Brad walking by.) Hey Brad, come here!

Brad: (Walks over) Yeah?

Carly: You two follow me. (Leads them into cafeteria.)

Sam: Carly!

Carly: You kids just stay here and chat.

Sam: Carly, just liste-

Carly: (Dims lights almost all the way down. Starts backing out off cafeteria door.) I'm not coming back. (Leaves.)

Sam: (Has awkward look on her face.) So, um... I don't know why she's doing this. Well, I do, but-

Brad: What is she doing?

Sam: She's erm, she's just being Carly. You can leave if you want.

Brad: (Confused) O..kay?!? Uh, bye. (Leaves.)

Sam: (Sighs and sits down upset.)

Freddie: What was that for? (Comes out of darkness)

Sam: (Confused.) Freddie? What are you doing here?

Freddie: Just testing out the night vision on my camera.

Sam: Were you just filming Brad and me?!?

Freddie: No, the camera wasn't rolling.

Sam: Good.

Freddie: So, why won't you tell Brad you like him?

Sam: (Confused) How'd you-

Freddie: Carly told me.

Sam: Ahh. Well, it's because I don't like him.

Freddie: Well, who do you like.

Sam: I'm not telling you! Anyway, I'm too afraid to tell him.

Carly: (Staring out window at them. Confused)

Freddie: Sam? Afraid?

Sam: (Stands up) Watch it, Fred-nub! And yes, I get afraid too sometimes!

Freddie: (Notices Sam's obviously upset.) Well... (Sighs.) Listen. I know it's scary for you to put your feelings out there, 'cause you never know if the person you like is gonna like you back.

Sam: (Gets closer to him.) I know the person I like doesn't like me back.

Freddie: But you never know what might happen.

Sam: (5 second pause. She kisses Freddie.)

And I don't know how to finish it, but yeah. Hope ya' liked it!

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