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What '''I''' Would Do If A Wrote The iCarly-Victorious Crossover (Seddie)

Ok, if I wrote the iCarly-Victorious Crossover, this is what I'd put in it: (Oh, btw, I Do NOT own anything of iCarly, or the iCarly-Victorious crossover!):

(In hallway outside iCarly studio)

Carly: Why won't you tell her!

Jade: (Walks out into hallway; overhears what Carly says) Tell who what?

Freddie: Uh... no-nothing! Who said I like Sam? NOTHING!!!

Carly: Uh... I didn't mention Sam... out loud.

Sam: (Comes out into hallway.) What didn't you mention about me?

Carly: (Looks at Freddie, Freddie's giving her a 'Don't tell her!' look.) It's... umm... nothing. We didn't mention you or anything-

Jade: Freddie likes you. (Walks back into studio.)

Freddie: (Has a look like :O) What? No! I didn't say that! Carly! Tell her I DON'T like her!

Carly: (Long pause) I'm going back into the studio with Jade... (Follows Jade)

Freddie: (Sits down, looking worried.)

Sam: (Walks toward Freddie)

Freddie: Don't break my arm, Sam!

Sam: Why would I would break your arm?

Freddie: (Surprised.) Umm... because... you... you hate me. I mean... we're supposed to hate each other, right?

Sam: I don't see any rule against it.

Freddie: (Looks at Sam) Really?

Sam: Do you see a rule book that says, "Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson cannot be friends... or... date."

Freddie: (Laughs, stares at Sam for a few seconds. They kiss)

Carly: (in studio) I knew it! (Spazzes out.)

And that's it. This is my first Fanfiction type thingy EVER (Well, I wrote one, but that was like, three or four months ago.) So... I guess that makes it the first one I've ever put online. I know, it's bad, but I was really bored and wanted to make a fanfic... well... bye. :)

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