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Hey guys! OSD here! Okay, so this is what I think might happen in iDS&F.

  • Carly, Sam, and Freddie walk into Carly's apartment. Sam and Freddie are holding hands*

Carly: I should start working on that essay I have to do for..... *Stares at lawn mower in the apartment* OOC: Do you guys remember the lawn mower in the promo thingy for iLost My Mind when Sam and Freddie are kissing?

Freddie: What's with the lawn mower?

Carly: Probably some sculpture Spencer's doing...

Freddie: Alright then.

Sam: I'm gonna see if you guys have food. *Lets go of Freddie's hand and walks to the refrigerator.*

Carly: So, you guys planning on going on a date anytime soon?

Freddie: Um, we didn't really talk about going on a date...

Sam: Ugh! You have no food! Freddie come with me to the Groovy Smoothie.

Freddie: Sure.

Carly: Aww! That'll be your first date!

Sam: To the Groovy Smoothie! *Smiles. Sam and Freddie kiss* OOC: Okay the reason I wrote the kiss part like that was because I had no idea how to put it, so I just thought I would just randomly throw it in somewhere. lol don't yell at me

  • Sam and Freddie grab their backpacks and leave.*

And that's all I'm gonna write, because suddenly I went braindead and had no idea what to write. XD Sorry if it was really bad, but I hope you enjoyed some of it, even though it was short....

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