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  • Omgitisme

    So we all know iPilot holds the title with 13million views and iSYL is the runner up with 11.2. CAN we beat either of these numbers?? I know i sure hope so!

    I worry though because i really thought iSAFW was gonna smash the ratings bc eeeeverybody, seddie creddie and all in between were interested in that episode but it only got 5 mil :s which isn't bad, but for an iCarly movie special type thing it was way less than i expected. :/

    So wadda you guys think? can we do it? how much do you hope for the episode to get??

    Oh! also i hear some creddiers are planning to like boycott the episode :s :( nooo guys lets ALL watch and help this epic episode go down in iCarly history!! :p

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  • Omgitisme

    iCarly: Not just for kids!

    December 10, 2010 by Omgitisme

    So i'm pretty new here and when i joined i was sure i was gonna be the oldest person here and everyone was gonna be in the 10-15 yr old range. womp. None of my friends watch icarly. They don't give me grief over it, some have seen a couple episodes and said 'well its actually decent buuut its still a kids show.' I don't watch iCarly because i have a younger sibling or a child who does and so i'm 'forced' to take it in. Nope, i actually just really enjoy it. Thus i was happy to discover in my roamings about here that i'm not the only one, there are other like minded folk here! :D I'm guessing it's not too many of us lol but that's to be expected so whatever. So yea, just thought i'd give a shout out to my 18 and older peeps. The other 'old …

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  • Omgitisme

    The wait until 2011 :(

    December 7, 2010 by Omgitisme

    So we've basically been told by Dan that it's gonna be 2011 before any new episodes come out. I'm pretty bummed about this and i figure most everyone else is too. We know there are several episodes that have been filmed already and could be aired whenever but obviously it remains at the discretion of Nickelodeon.

    Question is would you prefer they air all the episodes that are available in a relatively standard order eg every week or every other week, and when they run out of episodes we have a long wait until the filming of the next set of episodes is over OR that the episodes are aired randomly every few weeks in order to stretch out the season and eliminate too long a break between episodes?

    I guess i see the benefit of both ways but i wou…

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