So we've basically been told by Dan that it's gonna be 2011 before any new episodes come out. I'm pretty bummed about this and i figure most everyone else is too. We know there are several episodes that have been filmed already and could be aired whenever but obviously it remains at the discretion of Nickelodeon.

Question is would you prefer they air all the episodes that are available in a relatively standard order eg every week or every other week, and when they run out of episodes we have a long wait until the filming of the next set of episodes is over OR that the episodes are aired randomly every few weeks in order to stretch out the season and eliminate too long a break between episodes?

I guess i see the benefit of both ways but i would choose they air the episodes every other week and when we run out of episodes to air we've just run out of episodes. That way when the episodes are done you know not to expect anymore for a while and you just content yourself with reruns etc until time for the new season. As it is now when the episodes are so far apart it takes a while for the next airdate to be released i'm guessing because it's so far in the future. All that leads to is us hoping everyday that a promo or a release date will be published. Everyday, every week wondering is today gonna be the day?? :-/ Not cool. And even when you find out the date, when it's far and you have to do this long waiting repeatedly bw each episode it gets crazy annoying. I would prefer just one long wait between seasons (or available filmed episodes) than this in between state we're currently in.

Ok that was kinda long winded lol but wondering what others think, A. all episodes together but then a looong wait or B. having a random schedule, sometimes weeks apart, and not being sure when the next episode will air but never having to go several months without an episode. Maybe ya'll aren't as impatient as me :p

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