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Omgitisme December 10, 2010 User blog:Omgitisme

So i'm pretty new here and when i joined i was sure i was gonna be the oldest person here and everyone was gonna be in the 10-15 yr old range. womp. None of my friends watch icarly. They don't give me grief over it, some have seen a couple episodes and said 'well its actually decent buuut its still a kids show.' I don't watch iCarly because i have a younger sibling or a child who does and so i'm 'forced' to take it in. Nope, i actually just really enjoy it. Thus i was happy to discover in my roamings about here that i'm not the only one, there are other like minded folk here! :D I'm guessing it's not too many of us lol but that's to be expected so whatever. So yea, just thought i'd give a shout out to my 18 and older peeps. The other 'old foot's here LOL Holla! :)

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