Well, as of now I have three stories on my FanFiction profile, two of which are complete. For all Seddie fans my stories are indeed Seddie FanFics. So please, read, enjoy, and if you feel the need, reveiw. This is the link to my FanFic profile:

The titles of me stories are:

1: iHave a Messed Up Life (Complete)

Summary: Freddie has to go to New York City. When he returns he finds out that the only thing worse than a love triangle is a love square. Seddie. Rated T.

2: iWork For Spencer (Complete)

Summary: When Sam and Freddie break Spencer's sculptures, they have to work for him to pay him off. Will they learn why Spencer says one needs to be spontaneous and passionate when making art? Seddie. Rated T.

3: iHook Up

Summary: When Melanie comes to Seattle and impersonates Sam while she is away, Freddie becomes concerned. However, when Melanie can't act completely like Sam, Freddie beings to miss her. Will he find that he cares for Sam as more than a friend? Seddie. Rated T.

4: The Seddie: Total War

Summary: Nevel Paperman and Missy Robinson have teamed up to destroy iCarly and the friendship of the iCarly Trio. When Freddie steps up to defend his friends and their show, will his strength alone be enough to stop Missy and Nevel in a game of wits? Seddie! T.

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