I've never considered myself mean until now. With all the things I didn't like about msyelf, I thought I could find it good that I wasn't mean. Apparently I'm nasty, just like everyone else here.

I didn't see it a problem with not saying "hi" to every newbie who came on chat. Hey, I hardly ever do, even to regular users! I only say hi when chat is dead and I want them to know someone is here.

Newbie's feel ignored sometimes. Don't we all? There have been times when me, a chatmod and here since chat began, has been ignored on chat, trying to get my friends to talk to me and they completely ignore me, but I come back, mostly because I know these people.

But the newbies don't. The first time I came on chat, I was greeted by someone, and it made me feel very very happy, like I actually had a friend. At that point, chat was new and hardly anyone knew each other, so it was okay to go crazy over each other.

Thats just my personal story, but I do think there's something we can do. If nobody has said hi to someone anyone coming on chat, just say hi. Then go back to their busness. If they want to force you all out of your conversation and talk about something else, they're being pushy. If they PM you, PM them back. Don't give them special treatment, treat them like a user.

Everybody is whiring around now, stating their own opinions and blowing up at each other, and with lack of a chat admin who left recently, there's really nobody in control. So just take that one thing, Treat them like a user. Treat them like all the well-known chat clan members, not just a stalker or a speck of dust or a troll or the Lord Reborn or your favorite celebrity. And if they get all defensive about being ignored once, that is their problem, because as I have stated, everyone feels a little ignored sometimes. (And you can always PM someone if they're feeling ignored, Almost everyone responds to every PM)

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