Discovery: The story of a girl and the iCarly Wiki. User "One Singular Sensation talks about the Wiki, what brought her there, and her POV of experiences there.

It was just any normal day.

Any normal night, to be specific.

I was thirteen, and in eighth grade. Nothing was abnormal. I was putting off my homework, and my brothers were watching tv. I was in the basement, on the computer, and my brothers were in the living room upstairs. Getting bored with the internet, I shut down the computer and walked upstairs. I walked into the living room just in time to see a promo.

A promo for an episode of iCarly.

I hadn't seen iCarly in ages. The show had started to bore me, and I had moved on from watching it religiously like I had a couple years before. I had missed several episodes, the last one being iSam's Mom. But this promo caught my eye.

Sam was in love.

This, my friends, was the promo for iOMG.

I knew Sam was in love with Freddie.


The same way I knew Sam and Freddie kissed just by the promo for iKiss a couple years before. I just knew. I knew in my heart.

I stopped in my tracks there, seeing that promo. I had waited for Sam and Freddie to start dating for so long, and now, on this show that I haven't watched in months, I was drawn to it. After all these years, I still believed.

If I hadn't seen this promo, been there at this choice time, I would have never made it here.

---Part 2 Later---

This will not turn into a seddie story, trust me, I'm just explaining what got me back into things.

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