ey guys! Right now I'm sitting with my baby brother. He's eight but I still call him my baby brother because I have another younger brother who is ten. So I decided that since I seem to talk about him a lot (well define a lot that's an excuse to do this) He wants to talk to you guys, except that chat goes too fast for him. He wants to talk about his favorite TV show "icarly of course" and all other shows! And other non show related stuff haha

This is totes not a copy of Choo's blog because there is a difference between a mother and a brother and he would be different to talk to considering he's in third grade.

SO POST YOUR QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!! I'll let you know when it's him answering and me.

"Kerrin your bed is seriously messed up"

Me: It's perfect

"It's messed up"

So uh, want to talk to the adorable cuteness :3

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