In the future, the world is split into two.

World pol97

To avoid in a massive war, the dictators of each country have set up a sort of small war every five years.

This war is a fight to the death between two teams. The country to have all 100 of their team members killed loses. The winning country gets the upperhand on supplies for the next five years.

The twist? The fighters in these battles are...teenagers.

What would you do if you were chosen out of billions to fight for you country? You, a normal teenage kid?

Would you survive?

Read The Children's War. A story full of action, sorrow, romance, humor, and twists.

"Really cool...You create good characters" - Sparklyplatypus

"Write more so I can read it." - Alica123

"Awesome" - My friend Val

You will love this if you liked The Hunger Games!

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