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One Singular Sensation: Heeeeey Yoshi

One Singular Sensation: sup have you ever eaten extra virgin olive oil by the bottle?

DryYoshi: Nope.

One Singular Sensation: So, you have romantic feelings for cheese, right?

DryYoshi: ... no xD

One Singular Sensation: Are you excited for the new episode tonight (iOpen a restaurant)? [let the public know this interview happened a very long time ago]

DryYoshi: Yeah... I'm just really behind on my subtitles.

One Singular Sensation: How does it feel to be loved by so many girls on this wiki?

DryYoshi: I have to still do like 4 episodes and after tonight it's 5 UM. Since when am I?

One Singular Sensation: next queston. Are you currently dating your sock?


One Singular Sensation: Are you sure?

DryYoshi: YES.

One Singular Sensation: Okay, so you're sure you're dating your sock. Next question. Chicken fingers or human fingers?

DryYoshi: .... i'm not dating my sock. Chicken fingers. wait to eat or to have?

One Singular Sensation: both

DryYoshi: ......................... oh god

One Singular Sensation: next question Rumor has it you spent last night reading love letters you were going to send to alica but never did. Is this true?

DryYoshi: NO! Besides I can't write love letters.

One Singular Sensation: Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck?

DryYoshi: I can't even read my own handwriting. Um. Mickey.

One Singular Sensation: Thank you. Is there anything further you would like to say.


One Singular Sensation: Good. Thank you for participating in this interview for The Chizz Weekly that will become public soon.

DryYoshi: lol i knew it

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