So this is a type of game where you ask riddles in the comments and the people responding have to try and guess them. I got one

You are out fishing on the lake. You are supposed to get some fish for dinner that night. Sadly, none of the fish are biting, so you must return alone. Emptyhanded. Your wife is very disappointed in you. She calls you a failure. She kicks you out until you can get food. You go to a motel. Somebody breaks into your hotel room and steals your pillowcase in your sleep. This angers you. You call motel security but everyone is gone. The motel is abandoned. You try to leave but the doors are locked. You find a video camera. Watching your every move. Then the doorknob starts shaking. Somebody opens the door and kills you.

Question: What is your name?

Riddle 2. Before you go to work in the morning, you turn the light in your house off accidentally. When you come home from work, you turn the light back on. You turn on the radio. You listen for a few minutes and then kill yourself.

Question: Why?

Make up your own!

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