Officer Hihi

I looked at all six of them. At least one of them guilty. Five dead bodies in one night and they were the only people to blame.

The thing...These were all teenagers.

These people were all very different. The one named Joanna was dressed in a short black dressed and her brown hair in a bun. She gave me a blank face.

The one named Joni-ann was wearing a peach dress and her hair was matted and messed up after the crazy night they had just encountered.

The one named Bexi was wearing a gray dress and a turtle necklace. She was more concerned with the ants crawling on the floor than the fact that she was being accused of murder.

Lilah was wearing lilac. A long dress and a pocketbook. She looked really sweet with her blonde hair just covering her shoulders, and her blue eyes looking up at me in sadness. But she had a mischeveious side. I could tell.

The last girl, Valerie, was wearing a simple blue dress. She had her legs crossed, and she was examining a broken nail.

Finally, we got to the only male of the group. Aron. He was wearing a black suit that matched his black hair. He didn't talk. He was silent.

"Now," I said, "Who done it?"

Hey guys, this chapter is short because it's kind of just a sneak peek chapter. Our first real chapter will be on the 14 I believe.

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