So I was looking around the wiki, and everything is Christmasified!

Well, I thought that we should have a wiki Christmas

Not on regular Christmas,

but on a different date.

I want it about two weeks before Christmas, so I decided we should have an iCarly Wiki Christmas!

I thought that December 11-17 could be Christmas week!

People (including already planned events) could make their events and plan them on certain days that week.

Sunday 11 Deliver Secret Santa Presents
Monday 12 Naughty or Nice
Tuesday 13 Cupcakes
Wednesday 14

Deliver Christmas Wrapping

Holiday Contest Ends

Thursday 15 Christmas Cookies
Friday 16
Saturday 17 Wiki Christmas Eve

Santa Claus Delivers Presents

announce Holiday Contest Winners

Chat Christmas Eve Party

Sunday 18 Wiki Christmas!!!

Comment if you want me to add an event or move your event or take your event off

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