This is a nomination week activity yo

Check out the previous nomination week activity

Reminder, you can ALL make your OWN activites, they just have to be iCarly related!

Here's somebody else's

If you make another please tell me so I can add it to the list

Anyway now for this blog.

I am up to making the CRAZIEST FANFIC EVERRR

It's kinda like mad libs.

Giving me different things the characters are doing.


Comment 1; Carly eats lime juice

Comment 2: Spencer makes a remote controlled spray bottle

Comment 3: Everyone is at the top of the building

Comment 4: Sam is eaten by an alligator

And then I'll mix all the comments up to make one zany fanfic!

Everyone is at the top of Bushwell, enjoying a nice relaxing day. Carly is drinking her lime juice that she made fresh that morning. Spencer is testing out his new sculputre/invention: A remote controlled spray bottle. Freddie is feeding his pet alligator. Everything is calm until the alligator attacks.

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