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You Laugh, you lose 3

This game was introduced by Candy a while back, and then I think Jon did a second one. Well, this is one of my favorite games, so I thought I'd bring it around for a third time ;)

Basically you can post pictures, videos, etc. If you laugh at someone else's pictures or videos, you lose.

  • cough* I shall start

My computer like died recently and I lost everthing in my archive of stuff which is disappointing because I had a lot of gifs and funny stuff in there. But I have a few things.

This tyra elephant may become my new avatar (who knows)


Tumblr m8a103kn7k1rbhttno1 500

ImlaughingTumblr m8223d8Mgk1r81t9oMichael-phelps-super-saiyan

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