I have decided to start our own synchronized swimming team...Well not exactly. It's not synchronized...It's a water story about a boy named Julio who goes into the jungle and meets all sorts of wonderful creatures who teach him about friendship and love. The thing is, it's all in the pool and you tell the story with your movements, not dialouge!

I have the cast list and uniforms :D I have a few people cast already. If you want to audition comment below describing a beautiful dance you did in the pool. You are not guaranteed to get the part you auditioned for


Julio DryYoshi
Jordan the wise Owl
Ingrid the peacock
Ronaldo the sexy player who got lost in the forest
Cora the cat
Beatrice the lobster
Michael the ditzy honeybee
The forest guide that abandons Julio
Jack the ninja pig
Marisa the elephant
Kara the bunny
mabel the cloud
Z-Jackson-nay-ricardo the angry raincloud
trees (five parts)
blades of grass (10 parts)
forest crumpers (2 parts)
Eli the wise emperor monkey
Yoshi's wife Harry Styles
Yoshi's children (3 parts)

Mankini.jpg Yoshi's uniform

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